An open letter to the BBC on trans lives

  • Increase staff training and knowledge of the issues to address failings of News & Current Affairs coverage which has permitted misinformation on trans issues such as Gender Recognition Act reform to spread unchecked, in order to restore the high editorial standards in this area that the BBC has fallen short of on this subject.
  • To include trans people in the coverage of their lives, and that the editorial framing accurately and authentically represents the lives of the trans community to ensure that when debate of transgender issues occurs, it does so in line with the 4th public purpose, rather than focussing on strawman arguments presented by anti-trans campaigners.
  • To recommit to a workplace that is safe for trans people in line with the BBC’s value of a respectful and diverse workplace, by providing a safe space for staff which experience bullying and harassment to report this, and to investigate any complaint with the intention of reducing hostile workplaces, and to appropriately discipline any staff that contribute to a hostile working environment.

A technologist wanting to share knowledge and iterate towards a better world.

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Chris Northwood

Chris Northwood

A technologist wanting to share knowledge and iterate towards a better world.

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